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I joined pre-final year. The notes are very useful. Tests, faculties & discussions cove all basics and discussion videos are really big plus.
eMedicoz daily challenges and DVT was helpful in last year's exam. CBT is a real-life exam scenario. DAMS class notes are Gold.

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Description & Specification

The course covers the fundamentals, and design concepts of various concepts of kinetics of microbial growth, substrate utilization and product formation; Simple structured models; Sterilization of air and media; Batch, fed-batch and continuous processes; Aeration and agitation; Mass transfer in bioreactors; Rheology of fermentation fluids; Scale-up concepts; Design of fermentation media; Various types of microbial and enzyme reactors; Instrumentation in bioreactors. This course is suitable for students pursuing their biotechnology, bioprocess engineering or other allied field. This course is also suitable for students who are preparing for GATE-BT and DBT-BET exams. The course will consist of video lectures and previous year GATE questions discussion.

This Course Includes

Previous year GATE Question Discussion 2 video

Video : 36:09 mins

Previous year GATE Question Discussion 1 video

Video : 59:48 mins

Reactor Growth Kinetics video

Video : 1:17:24 mins

Downstream Processing Precipitation video

Video : 48:25 mins

Downstream Processing  video

Video : 1:23:50 mins

Ethanol Production video

Video : 53:36 mins

Mass transfer II video

Video : 56:13 mins

Mass transfer I video

Video : 59:13 mins

Reactor sterilization video

Video : 1:35:11 mins

Fed Batch Reactor video

Video : 1:23:39 mins

Monods Model and Chemostat video

Video : 58:45 mins

Batch reactor kinetics video

Video : 1:00:16 mins

Batch Reactor video

Video : 1:21:09 mins

Heat Generation During Growth video

Video : 59:30 mins

Microbial growth Kinetics video

Video : 1:00:03 mins

Mixing in Bioreactors video

Video : 1:30:49 mins

Elemental Balance video

Video : 1:23:35 mins

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