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I joined pre-final year. The notes are very useful. Tests, faculties & discussions cove all basics and discussion videos are really big plus.
eMedicoz daily challenges and DVT was helpful in last year's exam. CBT is a real-life exam scenario. DAMS class notes are Gold.
Description & Specification

The course covers the Development Biology unit and helps to build basic concepts of development in animals, fat maps, signaling & communication during the development, spermatogenesis, oogenesis, external and internal fertilization, gastrulation and axis formation/anterior-posterior & dorsal-ventral patterning (particularly in reference to Drosophila, C. elegance and frog), organogenesis in tetrapods and C. elegance. as well as experimental aspects of classical and clinical embryology. 

This course also covers basic & advanced fundamentals of plant development, microsporogenesis, macrosporogenesis, fertilization, embryogenesis, polarity in embryo, apomixes as well as development of roots, shoots and flowers/ABC model. 

This course has built in keeping the needs of university’s students who are preparing for various academic or research examinations of higher education in India or abroad such as CSIR NET/JRF, GATE, DBT-BET and PhD entrances of universities. This course is also suitable for students who are preparing for semester examinations of undergraduate or post-graduate degree programs. 

The course will consist of video lectures, LIVE doubt classes and previous year CSIR NET/JRF. 

Note: Free Sample Lectures are available under Free Courses 


This Course Includes

Microsporogenesis Fertilization Apomixis video

Video : 1:35:59 mins

Microsporogenesis video

Video : 1:20:55 mins

Development of Tetrapod limb II video

Video : 00:59:55 mins

Development of Tetrapod limb I video

Video : 1:27:03 mins

Axis Formation in Amphibians video

Video : 02:22:14 mins

Fertilization I video

Video : 1:04:01 mins

Specification II video

Video : 1:26:19 mins

Specification I video

Video : 00:31:16 mins

Cell Cell Communication During Development III video

Video : 1:03:27 mins

Cell Cell Communication During Development II video

Video : 1:07:57 mins

Gastrulation in Amphibians video

Video : 1:26:07 mins

Segmentation in Drosophila video

Video : 1:49:35 mins

Dorsal Ventral Pattern in Drosophila video

Video : 00:52:53 mins

Anterior Posterior Polarity Drosophila video

Video : 1:01:04 mins

Drosophila Development Introduction video

Video : 1:40:16 mins

C.Elegans Vulva Formation and Cell Death Pathway video

Video : 1:59:43 mins

Fertilization III video

Video : 00:53:19 mins

Fertilization II video

Video : 00:23:19 mins

Fertilization IV video

Video : 1:34:56 mins

Flower Development and ABC Model video

Video : 00:47:45 mins

Root and Shoot Development video

Video : 00:27:06 mins

Embryogenesis and Maintenance of Polarity video

Video : 00:37:30 mins

Cell Cell Commnunication During Development I video

Video : 2:10:07 mins

Fat Map video

Video : 1:24:12 mins

Basic Concept of Development video

Video : 2:39:28 mins

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