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I joined pre-final year. The notes are very useful. Tests, faculties & discussions cove all basics and discussion videos are really big plus.
eMedicoz daily challenges and DVT was helpful in last year's exam. CBT is a real-life exam scenario. DAMS class notes are Gold.

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Description & Specification

Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is a standardized tool for objectively assessing clinical competency in Pediatrics. Usual stations include history-taking, physical examination, communication skills, data interpretation, vaccines, instruments, X Rays etc. It consists of a circuit of stations connected in series, with each station devoted to assessment of a particular competency using pre-determined guidelines or checklists. 


This module shall have a set of 20 Modules

a) Exam Format OSCEs: 10 station cases with answers 

[added on 15th of each month]

b) System Wise OSCEs: 5 station cases with video answers 

[added on 1st of each month]


Plan for the next 10 Modules:

Module I: 15th September: Exam Format OSCE-I

Module II- 1st October: Nephrology OSCE-I Video

Module III- 15th October: Exam Format OSCE-II

Module IV- 1st November: Neonatology OSCE-I Video

Module V- 15th November: Exam Format OSCE-III

Module VI- 1st December: Biostatistics OSCE-I Video

Module VII- 15th December: Exam Format OSCE-III

Module VIII- 1st January: Biostatistics OSCE-II Video

Module IX- 15th January: Exam Format OSCE-IV

Module X- 1st February: NRP 2021 OSCE Video

This Course Includes

Neonatology OSCE 1 Video video

Video : 5:00:00 mins

Nephrology OSCE 1 Video video

Video : 5:00:00 mins

Biostatistics OSCE 1 Video video

Video : 5:00:00 mins

Biostatistics OSCE 2 Video video

Video : 5:00:00 mins

NRP 2021 OSCE Video video

Video : 5:00:00 mins

Pediatric Cardiology video

Video : 00:1:00 mins

Neurology OSCE video

Video : 00:1:00 mins

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