Student Information

Students please insist on seeking a fees receipt for every payment. DAMS genuine fees receipts can only be in the following format:

DAMS ERP generated fee receipt:

Student please be informed that any receipt other than, the ERP generated format and generated from DAMS ERP software is not valid and shall not be considered in case of any disputes or for any discounts and other benefits from DAMS in future. Also, after your enrolment please login to and check if your profile and personal details are correctly entered in our database.

Please note as a policy DAMS encourages students to pay using demand draft/pay in favor of Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd. or DAMS Sky Pvt. Ltd. whichever applicable.

Get in Touch with Us

I authorise DAMS and it's representatives to contact me with updates and notifications via Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Call. This will override the registry on NDC/NDNC